Joining The Denver Therapists Network

Q: What is the Denver Therapists Network?

A: The Denver Therapists Network originally was PPN, the Private Practice Network of Denver. It was established in the 1980’s but was disbanded in the 1990’s over the discouragement of therapists due to the impact of managed health care. At that time many therapists left the field, or found our meetings too demoralizing. The second incarnation of PPN occurred in 2010 when several therapists began exchanging emails introducing themselves to one another. This lead to our first meeting of a dozen therapists, and the commitment of Mike Holtby to help launch a web directory and Google network. Within six months the web directory first devised was outgrown by the expanding membership, and within a year the membership had topped over two hundred. Regular emails went back and forth, generally exchanging referrals, resources, office space, and workshops; as well as discussions of legal, clinical and business issues, as well as alerts related to HIPPA and DORA regulations. But the Network also spawned peer supervision groups, and more personal contacts between the members. Now we have this website, which can both help us with greater exposure directly to potential clients, and also a better way to view each other’s specialties and qualifications through the posted profiles. To read more about it visit the About Page Here.

Q: How do I join the Denver Therapists Network?

A: Network membership is screened for the appropriateness of your application, in that all members must be psychotherapists in private practice, or mediators; or psychiatric or recovery programs that serve the Denver area. If you meet this criteria you can fill out a form to request access, and you will receive and email with an access code within 48 hours. To learn more, and complete the form, visit the ABOUT PAGE.

Q: What is the cost to join the Denver Therapists Network?

A: The cost is $9 a month or $99 a year (over 50 dollars less than the cost of Boulder’s therapist directory). You can cancel anytime.

Q: What are some of the key benefits of being a member?

A: As a therapist in private practice, without the support and structure of an agency, it is easy to feel very alone. This Network provides you immediate access to a larger number of your colleagues to address your questions or concerns. You get to network with hundreds of Denver area therapists, providing and receiving referrals and resources. The site allows for detailed and searchable profiles for you to have informed access to other members, as well as a private section for you to “talk” and network both with the whole group, and individual members. Information is stored in private groups that can be searched and viewed to answer many important questions, topics and issues that that arise. Your interaction on the site is highly configurable, allowing you to determine what notifications to receive to your email, what specialty groups you want to be a part of, what therapists you want to connect with, etc. Further, the site is Search Engine Optimized so clients can find your profile on this site directly through a search for Denver therapists.

Q: Are you already a member and looking for additional support?

A: For any support requests you have several options. Under the Support tab along the top you can view video training, quick tips, and documentation for the site. You can also open a ticket. But one of the best resources regularly updated is a post at the top of the main site forum that everyone is a member of, simply called DTN Member FAQ.

Getting Registered

Q. How do I get registered?

A. Once you have filled out the contact form on the About page and received approval to join you will be sent a link to setup payment and a password to join. If you have not received approval, or think there might be some error, email