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The Denver Therapists Network

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The Denver Therapists Network is a group of over 300 therapists in Colorado committed to providing quality therapeutic services to a wide range of patients. If you ended up on this page without being approved to join the DTN yet, please see How To Join the DTN.

If you received this link after being approved, please review below before registering.

  • Your Username Cannot Be Changed – It will be displayed in your activity on the site, so pick wisely. You can use lowercase letters, numbers, dashes (-), underscores(_), and no spaces and our recommendation is use your full name (remember no spaces).
  • Remember Your Username/Password – Write down the username and password you pick so you’re not delayed waiting for the final account creation email.
  • The Registration Process – After picking the package you want (9 / month or 99 // year), and adding a username and password, you will be redirect enough.
  • Documentation – After registration you will be brought back to the site and prompted to login.

Search for a Denver Therapist Near You

Search for a Denver Therapist Near You


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