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David Delaney, MA, CAR, LPC, Certified Master Neurofeedback Provider & Certified Advanced Rolfer™

Credentials & Achievements

Masters in Counseling Psychology

Licensed Professional Counselor

Master Certified NeurOPTIMAL™ Neurofeedback Provider

Certified EMDR Trauma Psychotherapist

Supervisor Achievement Award from Access Counseling, Boulder, CO: 2007

Certified Advanced Rolfer® since 1985

Certified Cranio-Sacral Therapist since 1986
Certified Singing Voice Therapist
Certified Colorado Long Term Care Ombudsman
Certified Mindfulness Trainer since 1988
Certified Tai Chi Instructor since 1990


Children, Adolescents, Adults and Elderly folks and their families


•Self-Regulation Improvement
•Mood Disorders / Depression
•Anxiety / ADD / ADHD
•Focus / Concentration Enhancement
•Traumatic Brain Injury
•Sleep Issues
•PTSD / Trauma resolution
•Peak & Optimal Performance
•Stress & Overload Resolution
•Specialize in working with professional singers and actors

•Elder Issues: supervisions and consultation
I am a Federally trained Long Term Care Ombusdman: we are advocates for older folks rights and for those in long term care facilities

•Mindfulness Approach (35 years training & experience; teaching mindfulness education and contemplative exercise since 1988)

After 30 years in practice, I now recognize that many so called psychological diagnosis are more accurately undiagnosed biological imbalances because of unresolved traumatic experiences from our childhood. This has been known for centuries; children are very delicate and so there is unresolved biological traumatic stress that have psychological consequences.

These unresolved issues which are instinctual must seek resolution and so we find ourselves being 'driven' by behaviors that are our body's attempt to compensate for the unresolved overload we are carrying, often unconsciously. This is called 'Compensation' in the Stress Research and Theory of endocronoligist Dr. Hans Selye who coined the term stress and that we can now honestly call trauma or traumatic stress. Our body's attempt to 'compensate' for overload is how all organisms function. And 'decompensation' is what happens when the body can no longer compensate for that overload, and moves into an exhaustion phase and this is when health becomes negatively impacted.

These automatic and mechanical compensatory mechanisms are completely known, but honestly this knowledge has not been accepted in the wider Mental Health field. I was introduced and have extensively studied this model which is a pragmatic, biological-psychological model presented in 1970 at the Institute of Applied Psychology in Santiago, Chile. These organic compensatory behaviors include (in increasing degrees) panic, phobias, psycho-somatic illness, over-exertion (or called hyperactivity), over-intake on many levels (foods, ideas, material goods, etc) and so on.

By helping your Central Nervous System re-normalize 'itself', since it's very design is to self-heal (or now called neuro-plasticity) MOST biological/psychological imbalances are resolved to a significant degree. But most therapy is still talk based and does not know how to reach the aspects of the brain that can make the organic changes that are completely possible. This is all at the biological or also called instinctual level. So most clients end up having to learn to 'work around' their problem rather than heal it directly. I have spent more that 30th years of direct clinical experience discovering this the old fashion way; field testing and trial and error.

When healing happens, it allows you to engage in your life naturally and easily, rather than having to deal with the suffering which prevents improved resilience, what life is all about. Many of my clients find that my work helps them more fully benefit from other therapies they are involved in as well, get more from the therapeutic interaction. Why do you have to live with a condition rather than RESOLVE it?

I also recognize that all humans have blind spots in their process which prevent us from seeing ourselves more objectively, as 'others' see us. My training is unique in that I have been trained in an approach for precisely naming the fixated behavior as though watching someone else, and then detaching from behaviors that are the result of childhood patterns that began during intense experiences that the child could not deal, could not assimilate. These survival patterns are cyclical, predictable, and can be detached from, once we get some assistance naming and discovering them, and then learning to watch the predictable patterns. Once we get to know these patterns, life does change for the better. I have a very good track record with my clients. And have used this approach extensively in my own life.

My style is non-aggressive and gentle, as we do not need more aggression than we have already had to deal with. I am an advocate for your process; we are in a partnership that focuses on your happiness.

After years of working with clients, I realize that each of us have a natural healing potential within us now called neuorplasticity and called revitailzation in Oriental Medicine. This needs only to be evoked in a loving and kind relationship, which I offer.

Central to my work is the ability to train your Nervous System to recognize that it produces its own suffering states, in physics called perturbation. If you know how to use this information about what the Nervous System is doing energetically, you can evoke a healing potential that is in built in human beings.






Email Address


Phone Number

303-449-2004 Office


7000 East Belleview Ave. (Suite 350) Greenwood Village/Denver Tech Center, CO 80111


5485 Conestoga Court, 2nd floor, Boulder, CO. 80301

Zip Code (s)

80303, 80301, 80306, 80302, 80304, 80111, 80113
Denver Tech Center, South Denver

Colorado Registration or License Number

Colorado License #4737


I provide you with a superbill with a diagnostic code and treatment code which you then submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.