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David Delaney, MA, CAR, LPC, Certified Master Neurofeedback Provider & Certified Advanced Rolfer™

Credentials & Achievements

Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado

Master Certified NeurOPTIMAL™ Neurofeedback Provider
 & Official Representative

Supervisor Achievement Award from Access Counseling, Boulder, CO: 2007

Certified Advanced Rolfer® since 1985


I have moved into working exclusively as a NeurOPTIMAL® Neurofeedback Official Representative, educating psychotherapists and the public about the benefits of non-linear, dynamical neurofeedback brain training. This Advanced form of neurofeedback developed out of modern physics understanding that we exist in a complex world and out of the physics that underlies Complex Adaptive Systems Theory.

We exclusively sell NeurOPTIMAL® Professional as well as Personal Home Systems, as well as rent systems for at-home training.

My own professional 33 year journey as a therapist lead me to recognize the nature of hormones and neurotransmitters over mood, as well as their role in psychological and behavioral health. Talk therapy is not enough always to take clients where they need to go in their healing journey. It can help for sure but I recognized that without being able to have access to the instinctual, energetic level of function for a client, we are doomed to limited assistance with some.

Even EMDR, which I have advanced training in and have practiced for 12 years, is limited for some because asking them to go into the memory can drive the protected traumatic experience deeper, making things worse, not better, no matter how much good and gullible faith will we have.

NeurOPTIMAL's science is impeccable and comes out of current non-linear physics and mathematics (see the work of Dr. Karl Pribram), rather than our mostly linear, reductionistic science that cannot explain complex adaptive systems behavior. And our Central Nervous System is a non-linear, highly complex system beyond any doubt. It needs healthy chaos in order to be resilient and adaptable, and that is not done by imposing patterns/protocols on it. It can sort itself out if we can communicated with it in its own language, mirroring back to it how it is spending energy. Our brain is a complex, adaptive system with innate abilities to renormalize itself. This is current neuroplasticity science; a highly complex and sophisticated organic system that has the capabilities of learning from its own moment to moment experience and improving life dramatically, as we have shown over 5 million clients hours of training. See the 2014 Independent Survey at this link:


It is impressive to see how interrupting perturbation and reorienting the brain back to the Relaxation response can change life so dramatically.

Please contact us at 303-449-2004 for further information.

Optimal and Peak Performance

Children, Adolescents, Adults


•Self-Regulation Improvement
•Mood Disorders / Depression
•Anxiety / ADD / ADHD
•Focus / Concentration Enhancement
•Traumatic Brain Injury
•Sleep Issues
•PTSD / Trauma resolution
•Peak & Optimal Performance
•Stress & Overload Resolution
•Specialize in working with professional singers and actors



Email Address


Phone Number

303-449-2004 Office


7000 East Belleview Ave. (Suite 350) Greenwood Village/Denver Tech Center, CO 80111


1800 30th Street, Suite 301/Studio Blue, Boulder, Co.

Zip Code (s)

80303, 80301, 80306, 80302, 80304, 80111, 80113Denver Tech Center, South Denver

Colorado Registration or License Number

Colorado License #4737