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Your Denver Counseling, Larry Cappel, Adult Psychotherapy, Couples Counseling & Expert Relationship Advice

Credentials & Achievements

Have you been caught off-guard by something like:

A job loss or difficulty at work?
An important relationship that has suddenly gone wrong or ended?
A current event that has re-awakened an old hurt?
Lots of demands placed on you leading to feelings of overwhelm and hopelessness?
An ongoing struggle to keep up with your life goals or your commitments to loved ones

These kind of experiences can really cause you to struggle and you may wonder where to turn for help and re-assurance. In these times, Your Denver Counseling can help you. An experienced counselor and therapist can help you create positive change.
Us humans tend not to like the fact that unexpected change is part of life. We create many ways to trick ourselves into believing that what my life is like today is what my life will be like tomorrow. Then unexpected change happens and we’re suddenly faced with loss, loneliness or some other type of suffering.

Many people just like you are struggling to make sense of their lives after a loss or change and are looking for a little support to make things better. At Your Denver Counseling, I can help you navigate that loss or change.

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Stress Management at Work and at Home
Couples Counseling for Couples in Conflict
Counseling to Heal Past Trauma
Gay Men’s Lives and Relationships



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1616 17th St., Suite 379, Denver Co. 80202
Old Town Louisville, Po Box 491, Louisville Co. 80027
Convenient for the following locations: Lodo, downtown, Highlands, Broomfield, Lafayette, Superior. I-25, I-70, Westminster, Arvada, Thornton, Aurora, Glendale

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