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Sharon M. Barnes, MSSW, LCSW Therapist For Sensitive And Gifted

Credentials & Achievements

Sharon M. Barnes, MSSW, LCSW has more than twenty-five years of experience helping CASIGYs™ (Creative, Acutely Aware, Super-Sensitive, Intense, Intelligent, and/or Gifted You-s) cope creatively with change, loss and life transitions. She has a Masters of Science in Social Work Degree from San Diego State University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Colorado. She is a past board member of the Denver Chapter of the Colorado Society for Clinical Social Work. She has authored journal articles and presented various at various professional and public conferences and given many workshops. Some of her most popular topics are:

+Different By Design: How to Find the Magic in Being a (CASIGY™ ) MisFit
+Finding Beauty in Life’s Scraps: How to Access the Advantages Hidden in Adversity
+Life’s A Bicycle; How to Balance Your Life Like You Balance a Bike
+Transforming Compassion Fatigue: Antidotes to the Negative Side-Effects of being a Caregiver

Sharon is a leader in her field. She has been a Guest Lecturer for the UC Denver Graduate School Counselor Education Program and the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work. Sharon has been a Field Placement Supervisor for the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work. She has been an officer in the Colorado Society for Clinical Social Work. She is a life-long learner, continuing to to expand and deepen her knowledge and understanding of humans, the challenges we face, and how to help people heal, thrive, become fully alive and fulfill their destinies.


Are you a Creative, Acutely Aware, Super-Sensitive, Intense, and/or Gifted? Do these traits complicate your life? Here’s Help!

The most common issues that people bring to discuss with me are Super-Sensitivity, Anxiety and Depression. Following closely behind, are these concerns:

School or Work Stress
2E or Multiple Exceptionalities
Parenting Concerns
Relationship Concerns
Illness, Tragedy, Loss
Life Transitions

If You’re Creative, Acutely Aware, Highly Sensitive, Intense, and/ or Gifted, check this out:

Do you notice things others don’t? Do you have heightened senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight, or get bothered easily by textures, sounds, smells, or light? Do you need frequent solitude? Do you have a vivid imagination? Do you have a pervasive, persistent curiosity? Do you have endless ideas? Do you think quickly, often on several tracks at once? Do you have a strong need to know that’s not easily satisfied? Do you thrive on challenge? Do you have extraordinary abilities AND deficits? Do others tell you that you’re TOO sensitive, TOO creative, TOO smart, TOO everything? Are you a complex person? Do you have an unusual sense of humor? Do you often feel out of sync with people around you?

If you answered YES to many of these questions, you may be a CASIGY™, that is, a Creative, Acutely aware, highly Sensitive, Intense, Intelligent and/or Gifted person. It may come as no surprise to you that you are different than the majority of people. You may sense the obstacles this places between you and successful social or business relationships. Your mind works so fast you get bored with conversations, but others only know that you’re bored. Or you may see far reaching implications of a proposed change at school or work, and when you talk about it, people think you’re off the wall. Then you start to feel inferior, inadequate or defective because of how differently you function from the majority of people.

Are you also facing adversity-financial stress, illness, loss, tragedy? Has life dealt you some tough blows lately, and you find yourself getting stressed out more easily than what’s usual for you? Are you often feeling done-in by your sensitivities? Are you getting easily overwhelmed by life’s complexity? Are you frequently feeling anxious or depressed by it all? You’re not alone. The #1 issue that brings creative, super-sensitive, intense, intelligent and/or gifted people into my office for therapy and to other therapists around the world* is “over-sensitivity”, followed closely by anxiety and depression .

Or you may have a loved one who is concerned about these issues in their life, and you despair of helping them like you would like to do. You’ve looked everywhere, and don’t know where else to turn. You may have a child, spouse or friend who faces these issues, and you’re looking for something that can help him or her. If so, keep reading, with them in mind. And let me know your questions and concerns.

The Creative, acutely aware, super-sensitive, Intense, Intelligent, maybe even Gifted (AKA CASIGY™) mind often sees things inside out. The sometimes envied “normal” person sees a light pole and sees just that−a light pole. As a CASIGY™, you see a light pole and see the design of the pole and also the bulb, the inner structure of the pole, the supporting foundation in the ground, the electrical wiring, its connections to the local, national and international power grids, and maybe much more.

As a CASIGY™, you may also see tough times from the inside out. You’re aware of much more than others are. You perceive more details, more implications, more possibilities; both good and bad. When your sensitivities trigger your intensities, the catecholamine cascade can become a deluge that pulls your feet out from under you in an instant, before you or anyone else knows anything has happened. Your head may become foggy and your legs can become like rubber. You might doubt yourself and question your knowledge and skills. You may silently judge and shame yourself because the harder you try to think your way out of your trouble, the more mired in it you become, like being in quicksand. You know that not everyone experiences life this intensely, and the fact that you are affected so profoundly by the things that happen around you can be another trigger that sends you into a tailspin.

I’m Sharon M. Barnes, MSSW, LCSW, Therapist For Sensitive And Gifted, AKA the Scrap Lady. I help CASIGYs™ create success from life’s scraps. I’m aware that you may often feel like Life has dumped a pile of ‘scraps’ in your lap (or in your gene pool) by giving you this unique set of characteristics and abilities or corresponding disabilities. When you know from an early age that you are ‘different’ and don’t fit in, it’s easy to feel like you’ve gotten the discarded leftovers after the ‘good stuff’ has been given to others. You may have been told to ‘get over it’ or been given other unhelpful suggestions. But have you ever been helped to “get into it”—to deeply experience and explore the full, deep meaning behind being ‘different”? I can help you pick up these ‘scraps’ in your life, both literal and metaphorical, and create something successful, beneficial and maybe even beautiful with them! I can help you craft a live you’ll love to live.

Would you like to know how to transform your ‘deep defect’ into your greatest gift? Myth and legend often contain great wisdom for us, and this is a great example of this. We CASIGYs have adopted a mascot─a mythical 4-legged one who was ‘different’ from his peers and who was ridiculed, excluded, ostracized and eventually banished into exile because of his difference.. Do you know this mythical character? I’ll bet that you do, for he’s none other than the legendary reindeer with the red nose. Surely you know his story. His story is many CASIGY’s story as well. His red nose was different from everyone else’s black noses. But in the end, it was his red nose that saved the day for everyone. By learning from his story and similar ones, I can help you discover how you’re Different by Design. I can help you find the magic in being a misfit and transform your deep defect into your greatest asset.

I’ll also help you get to know, understand and take charge of your sensitivities and intensities. I’ll help you to harness your intelligence, sensitivity and creativity to transform the obstacles in your life into stepping stones. This can enable you to access the advantages hidden deep within each and every adversity, and in your own uniqueness. You’ll discover that depression can be the doorway to living with depth and wisdom; and anxiety can be the threshold to greater enthusiasm and excitement in your life. You’ll find that emotional wounds, once healed, can create great compassion, soulfulness and inner strength.



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