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Valerie Senger MA, NCC, EMDR, Attachment, Trauma, Grief and Loss, Alienated Parents, Chronic pain

Credentials & Achievements

Master of Arts in Counseling
Nationally Certified Counselor
Extensive Trauma Training
Extensive Attachment Training
Mind, Body, Relationship Training
Christian or Spiritual Counselor Training
Bachelors of Science in Organizational Management


I help parents suffering from what can be termed the ambiguous loss of a child.  Ambiguous loss in the sense that the child has not died physically.  However, because the child has not died, there is no closure, only the loss. The hopes and dreams every parent has for long-term relationship with their child, dreams that began when the child was born are suddenly gone without sufficient explanation. The grief the parent experiences affects their future mental and physical health, their ability to hold down a job, and their future relationship success. This lose hurts a parent’s relationship with seeing themselves as a parent and in their spiritual connection as well. Your child can be any age when this lose occurs.  

There are several types of ambiguous loss of a child(ren) that I help parents with by restoring a level of hope and enough healing to be able to more forward:

Adult child acting out in a socially or physically aggressive or ostracizing way
Mental or Physically disabled child
Minor child(ren) being physically, or emotionally abusive
Parents of children who are coerced by the other parent or another family member
to terminate, restrict or abuse a targeted parent.

By helping parents restore a level of dignity and hope they are able to begin establishing healthy boundaries. We develop their resilience and we look at their resources. Often times a parent’s own trauma issues restrict their ability to process this new struggle. If the parent desires to work on that, I am able to help them with past traumas. I help them establish the appropriate safeguards for possible restoration of relationship. We work to develop a healthy mind and body, connected to relationship with self in order to move into a healthy mind, body connection with their child now or in the future.

I have training as a Christian Counselor and can use the Bible or other Spiritual direction as appropriate in a counseling session.







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Phone Number



6059 S. Quebec St. #203. On South Quebec between Orchard Rd and Arapahoe Rd. in the CreekSide II Complex.  Park on the north side of the complex. I am on the inside of the second building from Quebec Street. Plenty of parking.

I also have an office in Castle Rock.  Call me if you are interested.

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Colorado Registration or License Number



I currently offer the great rate of $80.00 for a 50 minute session.

I do not take insurance and there are several benefits for the client to be on a cash basis.
1). Diagnosis is not required
2). There is no limit to the number of counseling visits/sessions
3). A third party will not see the therapist notes