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The Denver Therapists Network is a group of over 300 therapists in Colorado committed to providing quality therapeutic services to a wide range of patients. To get started finding the right therapist for you just add your relevant search terms.

For example, if you are looking for someone to help you with depression and you know you prefer to work with a female you might enter the following into the search box below, "depression female golden, Colorado". Note that adding things like the city you live in, or nearby cities, zip codes, etc., will help you narrow your search results.

Disclaimer: The Denver Therapists Network does not vet its members in terms of background checks, or verifying credentials and licensing. We are a networking group, and its up to our individual members or consumers check out the credibility of referrals. If you want to verify the therapist's license you can access the Colorado Divisions of Registrations to look it up.
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Search for a Denver Therapist Near You

You can narrow down your results by using our interactive map of therapists by clicking the link below. This page will determine your current location (if you allow it to when the page loads) and show you all the therapists near your location. You can feel free to not let the page know your location and manually find the area you are looking for.

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Search for a Denver Therapist Near You

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